Welcome to Katahdin Mats, home of the world’s finest hand-woven doormats!

Our mats are constructed of 100% US MADE PRODUCTS and HANDMADE (woven) right here in Maine by our master craftsmen. The rope we use to make our mats with is made in-house by our family owned rope factory. Katahdin Mats are made with the utmost care and quality and can be completely customized to meet any of you or your customer’s décor requirements. Whether you need a specific size or color we are happy to accommodate you and your customer’s needs.

 Pride in our product shows through in our finished rope mats that is sure to brighten up any space whether in or outside your home or RV or anywhere on your boat; we can meet your needs.


Our mats are:

  • Extremely durable and able to withstand heavy traffic
  • Trap dirt, mud, snow and sand and are easy to clean
  • Made of water resistant and breathable materials that won’t mildew
  • Feature UV protection which prevents fading, color bleed and are reversible
  • Can be made in any size and color combination
  • Handcrafted by master weavers with 100% made in US product